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How To Become More Lovable


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A common and very old expression is "to know me is to love me."

This is kind of opposite of the "love at first sight," idea.

Love at first sight means you SEE somebody, and you INSTANTLY fall in love.

Or course, this is kind of impossible.

It's a nice idea, but it's usually not one that is "true" until any couple has been together for a while.

It usually goes down like this.

A couple meet, and they hit it off.

They like the way they look.

They like the way they make each other feel.

They click deeply and quickly.

They go on a few dates, and maybe after a couple of months, they move in together.

And then they get married, have a couple kids, and grow old together.

Much later, they will REMEMBER this as "love at first sight."

But that idea, of falling in love, didn't HAPPEN at one instant in time.

It took a while.

Of course, the emotional feelings were there from the beginning.

But WHEN, exactly, those feelings TURNED INTO love is not certain.

But with a ton of fond memories, and with the help of hindsight bias, it FEELS like it really WAS love at first sight.

But imagine if EITHER PARTY had actually said, when they first met, "I love you! Let's get married, have kids, and grow old together!"

The other would have fled.

So it wasn't REALLY love at first sight.

Even something that FEELS like love at first sight takes time.

But what about the other statement?

"To know me is to love me."

This implies that you DON'T love them when you first see them.

That the MORE you get to know the, the MORE you love them.

This IMPLIES that what it is that you DO love about them is NOT about their looks.

Most couples that end up growing old together are MUCH MORE like the second statement.

Most couples date for a couple of YEARS before they get married.

It takes that long to get to know somebody.

We humans are VERY complicated.

So, what about that part of you that they need time to get to know?

Can you make THAT PART of you "more lovable?"

Of course you can!

That part of you that is deeper than your appearance is VERY MUCH under your control.

This part of you involves your confidence, your short and long term goals, your intelligence, you communication skills, your social skills, and plenty of other PERSONALITY traits.

All of which can be STRENGTHENED just like a muscle.

Learn How:



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