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How To Make Yourself Irresistible


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One very common excuse for NOT starting a conversation with somebody is that you don't know what to say.

This makes complete sense.

It feels natural.

You are standing there, maybe even getting positive signals.

It doesn't even have to be a big deal.

It could just be a random conversation with a random person.

Not for any reason other than to pass the time.

But since you CAN'T think of something to say, you don't say anything.

Again, this makes perfect sense.

But it's also an absolutely false idea.

The idea you need to think of something to say BEFORE you start a conversation.

Sure, you need to BREAK THE ICE.

But breaking the ice and saying something interesting are two completely different things.

In fact, the more of an interesting and witty thing you say, the LESS LIKELY you'll get a proper response.

The opposite is also true.

The EASIER the thing is that you say first, the easier it will be for them to response.

Now, in SOME situations, this isn't true.

If a super gorgeous woman is sitting on her throne in the corner of the club, and dude after dude is approaching her, THAT is when you need to come with a powerful opener.

But every other time, SIMPLER is always better.

But even MORE important than what you say, is HOW you feel underneath.

Less than 10% of communication is verbal.

So if you say something that is really, really, simple, but you have SOLID energy underneath, that will "work" incredibly well.

What, exactly does "work" mean?

Think of it like a sales letter.

How are sales letters written?

Like a slippery slope.

The PURPOSE for each sentence is to get you to read the next sentence.

Sales letters DON'T start with a powerful close.

So when you start a conversation, and you sound like you are trying to close, you'll come across like a sleazy sales person.

Instead, think of every conversation you have like a sales letter.

Everything you say has the purpose of getting them MORE interested in the conversation.

So the EASIER you start off, the better.

The LESS you worry about the words, the better.

The MORE you build up positive, NATURAL energy, the better.

Guess which sales letters are the VERY BEST?

The ones that are selling very HIGH QUALITY products.

The kinds of products that sell themselves.

These products are EASY to sell.

When the words don't really matter at all.

When you build up your genuine personality, the words you say will also not matter much.

Because YOU will be the product that sells itself.

Learn How:


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