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Why They'll Never Get Tired Of You


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There's a concept in economics called the law of diminishing returns.

For example, imagine if you are really looking forward to a delicious meal.

The first bite is going to be fantastic.

And the first couple of bites after that will be equally fantastic.

But pretty soon, each subsequent bite will become less and less fantastic.

And if you aren't careful, and you keep eating, pretty soon the bites won't be fantastic at all.

It's called diminishing returns because you keep doing the SAME ACTIONS.

Namely, putting the same piece of food into your mouth, chewing, and swallowing.

But each subsequent time you do that, you get less and less return.

Another example would be if you had a week's vacation.

The first day would be fantastic.

But each day would be slightly less fantastic.

For one, because each day is becoming more and more familiar.

And the end is getting closer and closer.

This reason, diminishing returns, is why some relationships can get stale.

Especially if they are based primarily on looks.

Imagine, for example, you got together with somebody who was "out of your league."

The first few times you were alone with them, it would be fantastic.

But each time you would become MORE familiar with them.

So the excitement would slowly wear off.

This is what happens to serial monogamists.

The beginning of relationships are always wonderful.

But pretty soon, that magical feeling tends to fade.

And ALL you are left with is compatibility.

The MORE compatible you are, the longer your relationship will tend to last.

The LESS compatible you are, the more ANY relationship will fall prey to the law of diminishing returns.

This, of course, works both ways.

Plenty of women get by on their looks, at least in the beginning.

But men do the same thing.

Especially when they practice short term strategies to increase attraction.

If you don't have an attractive personality under your exterior (polished game or natural beauty) the law of diminishing returns will never be far behind.

On the other hand, if you get into the habit of keep your personality healthy and attractive, you will always be attractive.

Especially if you think of your personality like most people think of their health.

Necessary to GET in shape, and necessary to KEEP in shape.

Since so few people think of personality like this, once you start doing some simple personality exercises, you will stand out.

Not just in the beginning, but for as long as you live.

Learn How:


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