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Why Personality Goes A Long Way


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It sucks to be a hot chick.

At least that's what they say.

And it makes sense on many levels.

For one, everywhere you go, dudes are looking at you and dreaming of banging the crap out of you.

Most people assume that ALL you've got is a hot body and a pretty face.

In a way, gorgeous people (both guys and girls) end up with a bit of a personality handicap.

This isn't done on purpose, it just happens.

If you go through life with an exceptionally good looking set of features, you don't have to do as much work as everybody else.

It would be possible to get by with less effort than everybody else.

This isn't fair, and nobody really likes to talk about this stuff.

But study after study shows that attractive people get better attention than unattractive people.

In the short term, it is definitely a plus.

But in the long term, it add up to some personality deficiencies.

This isn't meant to slam attractive people.

Only to understand that although on the surface they seem to have an advantage, in the long run that can easily add up to a disadvantage.

Of course, plenty of attractive people are intelligent enough to know that skating by on ONLY their looks is very dangerous.

Because looks WILL fade with time.

Plenty of young, hot, up and coming actors are now ten, twenty years older and NOWHERE to be found.

In a sense, if you AREN'T particularly blessed in the looks department, that's actually a good thing.

Because most of the time, we humans are pretty lazy.

Meaning we don't really do much until we have to.

This is essentially the story of human history.

Humans are cruising along, some calamity happens and FORCES them to invent something new.

And that something new ends up sending society up a notch or two.

Making life better than it was.

On a personal level, if you DON'T have good looks, you have to get by on your smarts.

And there are a LOT of ways you can increase your non-physical traits.

It IS very true that personality goes a long way.

Or at least it CAN go a long way.

Most people don't realize this because they don't realize that personality can be STENGTHENED and ENHANCED.

Just like a muscle.

If you do the right exercises, pretty soon you'll have some clear evidence.

Personality works the SAME way.

If you do the right exercises, pretty soon you'll have some clear evidence.

And then you'll know EXACTLY how personality can go a long way.

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