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They'll Push Your Pleasure Buttons


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Sometimes when you meet somebody you just click.

This is usually thought to be a very rare, once in a lifetime experience.

First dates that were scheduled for an hour but lasted all night.

People that you meet, have a conversation with that go on for hours.

One of the ways that illustrates how we think about things is how we use nouns.

All things are nouns.

But some nouns are real things, and some nouns are imaginary things.

One way to tell a real thing from an imaginary thing is the wheelbarrow test.

If you can put it in a wheelbarrow, it's real thing.

(You might need a pretty big wheelbarrow..)

If you CAN'T put it in a wheelbarrow, it's NOT a real thing.

It is an intangible thing.

One specific TYPE of intangible thing is a nominalization.

These are nouns made from verbs.

Like "communicate" is a verb.

Communication is a noun made from the verb.

But that noun, "communication," is NOT a real thing.

It fails the wheelbarrow test.

How we humans think about these things is illustrated by how we use those things in a sentence.

The main clue is the prepositions we use with those things.

For example, think of the intangible noun, "trouble."

How do we think of that?

As a container.

How do we know it's a container.

Because we are "IN" trouble.

We are IN containers.

Another container, which is the OPPOSITE of trouble is love.

That is another thing we are IN.

But HOW we get in love is also interesting.

We FALL in love.

It happens unexpectedly.

This goes back to those conversations we have with others where we unexpectedly CLICK.

Why, specifically does that happen?

We push each others buttons.

When you click with somebody you are pushing their pleasure buttons.

And when you push their pleasure buttons, it makes them behave in a way that pushes YOUR pleasure buttons.

Because our pleasure buttons, and how we behave when our pleasure buttons are pushed, are both functions of our personality, the trick is to FIND SOMEBODY that has enough overlap.

There are a couple ways to INCREASE the likelihood of this happening.

One is to simply meet more people.

The more people you meet, the more chances you'll have.

Another is to study human communication.

To be more consciously aware of how to notice and how to consciously push peoples buttons.

This works very well, but it takes time.

Another is to build a more attractive personality.

So just by showing up you will AUTOMATICALLY push other people's pleasure buttons.

Mostly with your subconscious, non-verbal communication.

Which means they will ALL naturally want to push YOUR pleasure buttons.

All you'll need to do then is pick the best one.

Learn How:


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