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Personality Halo Effect


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It's a pretty common idea that sex sells.

Put a gorgeous model next to a toaster, and you'll sell more toasters.

How this works isn't really understand.

Mainly because most people don't think about these things.

They're too busy thinking about the model.

A common misunderstanding is that there's an implied relationship between the toaster and the model.

This is more pronounced when models or sexy ladies are used to promote cars and alcohol.

The idea being that the car or the brand of beer will lend itself to "girl getting lifestyles."

This is false.

It's much more subconscious.

The sexy models invokes certain unconscious feelings.

In both men and women.

Those unconscious feelings of attraction and desires are then attached to the product.

This is essentially the halo effect.

When a sexy lady is standing next to a toaster, her sexy "aura" is also kind of surrounding the toaster.

But this is an incorrect metaphor.

The "aura" isn't coming from her.

It's coming from the OBSERVER.

The observer sees the sexy girl, and the OBSERVER creates a strong feeling of desire.

And that "desire" energy that is pointing at the sexy girl ALSO hits the toaster.

But if a normal person looks at a sexy girl, and there isn't a toaster, whatever she is saying or doing will also be hit by the OBSERVER's "desire energy."

So when sexy people talk, the stuff they are saying is elevated just like the stuff that sexy people sell is elevated.

Only it happens organically, so nobody really notices.

But the thing about the halo effect is it's really shallow, and short lived.

It only works on stuff that doesn't matter so much.

A sexy girl on TV next to a car might get you into the shop, but it will take a lot for you to buy the car.

A sexy girl talking on YouTube might hold your interest.

But studies show again and again that when we choose more important things, the halo effect is worth less and less.

This is why it's not such a big deal if you aren't one of the genetically blessed, pretty people.

Because you can build up a halo effect associated with your personality.

And unlike physical appearance, where there's only so much you can do, you can increase and enhance your personality as much as you want.

So much that after just a few moments of interaction, YOU will be much more compelling that any genetically blessed pretty person.

And the MORE they interact with you, the MORE they'll be attracted.

Learn How:


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