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The halo effect is an interesting phenomenon.

It exists and has been proven through various studies.

But it's also something that nobody benefits by admitting.

If you are particularly attractive, the last thing you want to do is chalk up any success to your looks.

If you want to make an attractive person angry, tell them they are ONLY successful (or even partially successful) due to their looks.

But normal looking people also don't like to acknowledge the halo effect.

That would mean since we normal folks aren't gorgeous, we'll be limited.

The good news is that plenty of studies also show some interesting things about physical beauty.

Physical beauty is enough to get attention.

And it's enough for things that aren't that consequential.

But the more that is riding on any given relationships, the LESS physical appearance starts to matter.

Studies of the types of women that men choose for partners illustrates this.

In one long-ranging study, they found that for short term flings, men only really care about looks.

But for long term relationships, (families, children etc.) looks were not very important.

This very good news.

Because if you are attractive, and that's all you've got, the clock is always ticking.

All your other characteristics can only get BETTER with age.

When it comes to any individual, we can think of three different categories.

Inner game, outer game, and looks.

Looks matter only in the short term.

Next is outer game, how they behave, communicate, and interact with others.

The most important is inner game.

Intelligence, sense of confidence, short term and long term goals, etc.

Inner game drives outer game.

So if you only work on building up inner game, outer game will be easy.

And looks will be unimportant.

Inner game is kind of like a muscle, but better.

Meaning if you started to exercise your muscles, the more you exercised them the stronger they'd get.

Up to a point.

After a certain point, you'd start get diminishing returns.

Consider jogging, for example.

At first, it might take a while just to jog a mile without stopping.

Then you might shoot for jogging a mile in under ten minutes.

Then eight minutes.

Then six minutes.

But pretty soon, the more work you put in, the less results you'd get.

But with inner game, there is no limit.

Since it's all built on mental strength, which can be increased infinitely.

The more you put in, the more you get out.

This means the longer you live, the better you get.

Learn How:


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