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How To Ping Value To Others


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Value can either be subjective or objective.

When we humans go shopping for food, the food must be something we can digest and get energy from.

To that extent, the food has objective value.

Beyond that, we can choose food that we enjoy eating.

Or we enjoy our state of health that the food supports.

To that extent, most of the food we eat has both objective and subjective value.

If you were ONLY concerned with the objective value of any food, you might be consuming something like tasteless protein shakes that had a scientifically determined combination of nutrients.

On the other hand, if you were ONLY concerned with your food's subjective value, you might only eat fast food.

Many of the things we do have a mix of subjective and objective value.

The things we NEED tend to have a minimum amount of subjective value.

Furniture, for example, has to be sturdy, even, and stable.

Cars need to runs smoothly and not explode while we are driving them.

But once we get the objective part settled, there is a lot of subjective leeway.

Since pretty much all cars and all furniture satisfy the objective requirements, they are shopped for and sold by their subjective value.

If you walked onto a car lot, for example, and the guy started by explaining exactly why driving somewhere is better than walking, you'd think you walked onto some reality comedy TV show.

When it comes to subjective value, we can further separate it into conscious and unconscious.

When you're staring up at the menu, you don't really spend a lot of time CONSCIUSLY deciding what you want.

We more or less turn off our conscious brains, and let our subconscious decide.

This happens as we slowly glance over the menu items, and wait for a "feeling" that tells us that is what we want.

We even say this out loud when we are glancing over a menu in a restaurant.

"I don't know what I want."

It's as if we are waiting for our subconscious to TELL US (through feelings) what we want.

This happens on an even deeper level when we are mingling socially.

When reading from a menu, it's a clear mix of conscious and subconscious.

We wait until our subconscious "pings" us and then our conscious minds take over.

When were are mingling socially, that "ping" is a very slow evolving collection of feelings.

When looking at menu items, it's quick and obvious.

But with people, it's slow and evolving.

Luckily, there's a way to significantly JACK UP your subconscious value that others will perceive.

Turns out that same signals advertisers use (social proof, scarcity, etc.) to promote products can be used to "promote" yourself.

Socially and subconsciously.

Learn How:


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