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One of the reasons economics is called the "dismal science" is it FORCES us to think in terms of costs.

Nobody likes the idea of paying for something.

We are very much open to the idea of getting something for nothing.

In fact, this is the HEART of PT Barnum's famous saying, "there is a sucker born every minute."

What's NOT said is the next part.

The REASON those suckers are suckers.

They are suckers because they are WILLING to believe something that is too good to be true.

Namely, circumventing the most basic laws of nature.

That EVERYTHING costs something.

Even at its most basic level, all movement requires calories.

You need to continuously consume calories (energy) or you will die.

All living things evolved to be LOCKED IN to the idea of always living within a positive ROI.

A positive Return On Investment.

Meaning that every single thing that lives on this planet NEEDS to consume at least the SAME or MORE calories than it burns.

Every single day, every single living thing needs to GET at least as many calories as it needs.

It it goes below it's bare-bones threshold, it will die.

For us lucky folks living in a post-industrial, post information, post-economies-of-scale age, it doesn't seem like that.

We don't have to expend very much energy to get TONS of energy.

But this is a very, VERY, recent development in human history.

On a very "meta" level, built in to the idea of getting a positive ROI is the idea of TRADE or EXCHANGE.

Every time you breathe, you are EXCHANGING gasses in your blood.

Every time you ACT, you are changing your present state for a future state.

Humans are so successful in part because we are very good at collaborating.

We are very good at building teams of people with a diverse set of skills.

Our entire economy is build on this idea.

And has been since the dawn of time.

People make or grow stuff, sell it for money, and the use that money to buy the things they want.

The more people participate in this GINORMOUS economy, the more stuff gets invented.

But this trade happens on an interpersonal level as well.


You hang out with your friends because you enjoy their company, and they enjoy your company.

An equal trade.

The better feelings you NATURALLY create in others, the more they will BENEFIT by your presence.

And the more they will be willing to OFFER to BE in your presence.

When you begin see YOU as the one who defines the COSTS of being around YOU, the "dismal" science won't be so dismal any more.

It rarely is for those who have a product that EVERYBODY wants.

How can YOU be that product?

Learn How:


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