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How To Out Frame Any Situation


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Frame is a very squirrely concept.

Mainly because the frame of any situation is shifting consciously.

Also because frame is very, very subjective.

It's never anything that can be proven or disproven.

It's very much a "might makes right" kind of thing.

That term, "might makes right" tends to be associated with physical battles and quests for military power.

But it's very appropriate when speaking of inter-personal frame battles.

Whoever has the strongest frame will determine the outcome.

Strongest is very similar to being the "mightiest."

In a sense, saying that the whoever has the strongest frame will get their outcome is essentially another way of saying "might makes right."

A car salesman is talking to a customer.

Both have their own intention.

The customer wants the cheapest price possible.

The salesman wants the highest price possible.

The word "might" doesn't seem to apply.

Especially when they finally agree on a price, it's usually a compromise, they shake hands, and they are BOTH happy.

But you could also say that their "joined frame" of cooperation over a single goal, the transaction itself, become the strongest or mightiest frame.

This is what creating win-win outcomes is all about.

It STILL obeys the rules of the "strongest frame" or "might makes right."

Even Sun Tsu said the best way to "conquer" and enemy was to make him your friend.

One of the strange ways in which the frame control idea presents itself is how we present ourselves to others.

Particularly strangers, and particularly non-verbally.

We all walk the earth projecting our state whether we like it or not.

We are also reading the state of others as they are projecting.

Since most of us are in our heads most of the time, nobody ever notices this.

But there is always a TON of information being sent and received.

Every time there are people around.

Subconscious, non-verbal communication is ALWAYS happening.

And WHAT we are communication is ALWAYS related to our "state."

How we feel about ourselves.

How we feel about ourselves related to the situation.

In a sense, there is ALWAYS a "might makes right" frame battle going on.

OUR idea of ourselves, that we are projecting, and THEIR idea of who we are, based on WHAT we are projecting.

Most people don't even notice that this is happening, let alone realize that VERY MUCH of this is under our control.

Because with a little practice, you CAN project a VERY STRONG frame.

It's a lot like learning how to walk and move with a more confident posture.

Kind of like learning to walk and move with a more confident mindset.

With a little practice, the results can be astounding.

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