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You'll find self-reinforcing cycles everywhere.

But you have to look for them.

Once you see them, you'll see them.

A common way they present themselves is in those conversations that really flow from the get go.

You behave in a way that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed.

They respond in a way that makes YOU comfortable and relaxed.

This can be a friendly conversation, or a romantic one.

Everybody's heard stories of first dates where they end up talking for hours.

Couples that have been together for ages fondly remember the days when they'd lie in bed together and talk all night after sex.

Most people assume these kinds of things happen naturally.

When they DO happen naturally, they are fantastic.

But if you ONLY accept them as natural and organic, they are pretty rare.

You CAN increase the likelihood of their occurrence.

Each "event" will seem a little bit less "magic," since you are partly driving it consciously.

But you'll make up for it in the increase in frequency of events.

In a sense, it's very much like selling a product.

The highest profit PER PRODUCT is rarely the best bet.

For example, you might sell 1000 units at $10 profit per unit.

Total profit of $10,000.

But you might sell 5000 units at a profit if $5 per unit.

That's a total profit of $25,000.

When you consciously create and manage those positive reinforcing loops, they won't seem as magical PER EVENT, but you'll be able to create a lot more of them.

One of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS of those magically occurring events is the longer they go on, the less likely each person will define the end in the same way.


Two people meet, and start talking.

The conversation is going FANTASTIC.

They are in a groove, and are naturally pushing each other's buttons.

But ONE PERSON starts to notice the time.

They start to enjoy the conversation less.

Pretty soon that person is starting to feel uncomfortable.

But the OTHER PERSON is hanging on for dear life.

After all, it's a WONDERFUL experience, and they don't want it to end.

Unfortunately, the LONGER they hang on, the LESS LIKELY the other person will want to see them again.

If EITHER ONE OF THEM decided to leave the conversation after an hour, then BOTH of them would be looking forward to another conversation.

But if it stretches to two hours, or even three, now you have a different story.

One person is desperate to see the other person.

But the other person is wants nothing to do with the other person.

Moral of the story?

You generally can't go wrong by LEAVING when things are going well.

That will tend to create a strong desire in the other person to see you again.

Whoever they are.

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