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The Eddie Haskell Dichotomy


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When you were a kid, your mom was worried about you hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Studies show that our adult personalities are made of two things.

Genetics, which we get from our parents.

And our non-family peer group, what we get from our friends.

This is why when if you start hanging out with bad influences, your parents will be worried.

This is also why the Eddie Haskell character from "Leave it to Beaver" was funny.

When he was around Wally and Beaver (the two main characters) he was a bad influence.

But as soon as an adult showed up, he turned up the charm.

The interesting thing is specifically HOW we "pick up" those bad habits from the Eddie Haskell characters.

We don't consciously copy them.

We unconsciously model them.

We unconsciously "soak up" their qualities.

This only works if we ADMIRE them.

We don't unconsciously soak up characteristics from people we DON'T admire.

This is why modeling rarely works in the classroom.

Unless the teacher has an ATTRACTIVE frame, and part of that attractive frame is doing what they are teaching.

This is why it is VERY HARD to teach ANYTHING you aren't really passionate about.

Saying you're passionate won't work.

You have to BE passionate.

If you were a math teacher, for example, and you REALLY LOVED doing long division, your students would have a much easier time learning it.

But since most teachers don't really enjoy long division, most students think it sucks.

Because most teachers recognize that it sucks.

The most important thing you can do is be passionate about YOURSELF.

The more you are naturally passionate about YOURSELF, the more others will naturally be attracted to you BECAUSE of that passion for yourself.

This doesn't mean standing in front of the mirror and saying, "I love you," for ten minutes every morning.

This means you SHOW your passion by how much you enjoy BEING yourself.

If you ENJOY being in your own skin, living your own life, then everybody else will very much want to be around you.

But here's the weird part.

It doesn't matter WHAT it is about your life, or being YOU, that you enjoy so much.

So long as you REALLY DIG your life, so will everybody else.

Maybe that comes across as how you appreciate imagining your life in a year or two.

Maybe that comes across when you stop and really appreciate the simple things.

Most people get confused, and think they need to have objectively valuable CONTENT.

Money, looks, status, etc.

But you don't.

You just need to start practicing a few simple mental exercises to BUILD your self appreciation.

The MORE you appreciate YOURSELF, the more others will appreciate YOU.

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