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How To Close Any Deal


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Long time ago I sold cars.

Learned a lot about persuasion.

Both sides tend to use a lot of strategies.

One thing customers tend to is to leave.

When done correctly, this definitely increases the motivation of the seller.

Especially if it's a beginning salesperson without a lot of experience.

A customer will come on and look around.

The salesperson will see them, get excited.

He'll talk to them for a while.

Sometimes an hour or so.

They'll seem pretty interested.

He'll start to anticipate a fat commission.

Finally they get down to brass tacks.

But then they decide the price isn't right, get up and leave.

This, of course, makes the sales person DESPERATE.

When they are sitting their negotiation, he's planning on how he'll spend his commission.

Probably wondering HOW MUCH he'll get.

But as soon as they get up and leave, now he's facing the very likely prospects of ZERO COMISSION.

And since ANY commission is better than zero, he'll do ANYTHING to make a sale.

This is something that all humans know intuitively.

The idea that whoever wants the deal the LEAST has all the power.

This isn't only in sales or seduction.

This is in ANY KIND of conversation, where both parties want slightly different outcomes.

And unlike sales where you have to LITERALLY get up and walk away, in interpersonal conversations, it's very easy to RADIATE that same energy.

Without saying anything, the other person will start to get DESPERATE.

They'll be like the salesperson who is suddenly facing the prospect of getting NOTHING.

And since ANYTHING is better than nothing, they'll start to become VERY generous with their side of the bargain.

Most of the time, we only can radiate this "walk away energy" if we REALLY DO have a better deal somewhere else.

But there are plenty of ways to shift your thinking, so you radiate that energy even if you DON'T have a better deal somewhere else.

Most people try this and don't get away with it.

Because it's pretty hard to fake.

It's like trying to bluff when EVERYBODY can tell you're bluffing.

The trick is to CONVINCE YOURSELF you aren't bluffing.

To expand your thinking so that NO MATTER what the "offer" is you can imagine a better one out there somewhere.

And the more REAL you make that mental image, the STRONGER your congruent, "walk away energy" will be.

And the more DESPERATE the other person will be to "make a deal."

Not just in sales and seduction.

But everywhere.

Learn How:


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