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Why Penguins Don't Eat Burritos


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Most of Cialdini's laws of influence can be traced to our evolutionary past.

The reason is that our brains are both EXTREMELY valuable, and EXTREMELY expensive.

Every animal has it's own "unique selling point."

Tigers have sharp claws and powerful digestive systems, so they can eat anything.

Zebras have stripes so when they hang out together, they look like one enormous animal to predators.

All animals and living things have evolved their own special set of skills.

For us humans, it's our big brains.

Our brains that can imagine things that don't exist, and figure out how to make them exist.

All the other animals have to find things that exist, and eat it.

We can imagine things, like tools and houses and transportation devices.

Things that DON'T exist.

And then through human communication, we can TALK ABOUT those things that don't exist.

And work together in groups to MAKE THEM exist.

No other animal can do this.

This is why penguins and kangaroos can't invent telephones or microwavable burritos.

But our big brain is INSANELY expensive.

So big that we are born WAY BEFORE we are done cooking.

A new humans is INCREDIBLY expensive in terms of time, effort, energy, etc.

So nature did EVERYTHING it could to find as many shortcuts as it could in our brains.

When you have a HUGE machine that is VERY VALUABLE, you need to make it as efficient as possible.

Because all humans are LOCKED IN to the idea of a positive ROI.

All animals MUST get enough calories to live.

And they all must EXPEND calories to GET those calories.

And since the brain burns a lot of calories, more calories per weight than any other organ, it NEEDS a lot of shortcuts.

This is where ideas like social proof, authority, scarcity, etc. come from.

These are external TRIGGERS that create shortcuts in thinking.

When authority speaks, it's NATURAL to turn off your brains and be obedient.

When social proof speaks (everybody is doing something) we turn off our brains and obey.

When something is becoming SCARCE, we turn off our brains and WANT that thing MORE.

These ancient survival instincts are VERY POWERFUL if you know how to use them.

If you can apply them to any product or service, you will make MILLIONS.

That's how MOST people think of these.

But there is another way to apply these techniques.

And they will be JUST as powerful.

They will trigger others to TURN OFF THEIR THINKING.

And WANT whatever you are applying these laws of influence to.

Want that "thing" more than anything else.

What "thing" can you apply these laws to?

That "thing" most people never think about?


Learn how to do this, and build your world however you like.

Learn How:


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