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How Isaac Newton Went Broke


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Isaac Newton is considered the smartest guy who ever lived.

He essentially invented physics.

He wrote a book which translated into English means "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy," way back in 1687.

It's one thing to study physics.

It's another thing to study physics until you have a PhD so you can push the envelope of human knowledge out a bit further.

You have to be on a completely different level to INVENT the subject from scratch.

But as smart as Newton was, he was human.

And he had emotions.

Which meant he was susceptible to the SAME forces of influence like all of the rest of us knuckle draggers.

Namely, the world famous, "fear of missing out," or FOMO.

Back then was when they started having these pieces of paper that represented underlying investments.

And people bought and sold these pieces of paper.

And people started to invent MORE paper that represented the underlying paper.

One of the first financial bubbles was the South Sea bubble.

A bunch of shady business types started selling paper which represented a piece of ownership in this brand new company.

Kind of like the Bitcoin of the 1600's.

Newton got in early, as he was a smart dude.

And he got out early, as he was a smart dude.

He doubled his money.

So far so good, right?

Enter FOMO.

Warren Buffet said that you KNOW it's a bubble when all your idiot neighbors are getting rich.

And AFTER Newton got OUT, all his idiot friends and neighbors started to get rich.

(one of the benefits of being Newton is EVERYBODY ELSE ON EARTH is an idiot...)

And just like in The Godfather, he got out, but they pulled him back in.

Newton couldn't resist.

The smartest human who ever lived got sucked in by FOMO.

He got back in as the bubble neared its peak.

He held on as the bubble crashed.

Poor Newton, the inventor of Physics and Calculus, nearly went broke.

It seems that NO HUMAN can resist the power of FOMO.

This is something advertisers have picked up on.

If you can spin your product so it radiates ANY KIND of FOMO, it will sell like crazy.

FOMO is so powerful it will make people buy things and not really know WHY they are buying.

Any company that can leverage this for their product will make TONS of sales.

Luckily, you can create an aura of FOMO around your personality.

By combining scarcity and the idea of being a high quality human.

All it requires is recalibrating how you think and perceive the world.

And your subconscious energy will do all the rest.

Learn How:


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