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I had a friend once who bought a Volvo.

This was about fifteen years or so ago.

I don't remember the exact circumstances, but he had to special order it.

It took about a month, then he and his wife had to drive to a nearby city (couple hours away) to pick it up.

If you are a company that makes products, it's good to have products that are in such high demand, customers are willing to wait to get them.

Sometimes this is normal, and not done to purposely increase sales.

Building a car takes time, and if you build too many that you can't sell, that will end up costing you a lot.

For much smaller products, that are much easier to make, companies tend to play with things like scarcity.

In one famous case, a toy manufacturer combined a few laws of influence in very powerful ways.

At first, they blasted TV with ads for toys.

A couple months before Christmas.

Embedded in the ad was the idea that kids should make their parents PROMISE to get them a toy.

So plenty of kids got their parents to PROMISE them that toy for Christmas.

This leveraged the law of commitment and consistency.

Then a couple weeks before Christmas, right when most parents started shopping, the PULLED most of the toys.

This leveraged the law of scarcity.

Since the poor parents couldn't find the toy, they had to buy replacements.

Since they felt guilty (they HAD promised) they spent MORE than they normally would have.

Christmas comes and goes, and then a month or so later, they FIND the toys.

And blast TV again with the same ads.

Like clockwork, millions of kids reminded their parents that they'd PROMISED.

Following through on commitment and consistency.

So by careful manipulation, the toy companies got TWICE as many sales.

There are plenty of ways to use laws of influence like this.

To manipulate people and trick them into buying things.

All of these techniques are reverse engineered from how they work naturally.

Meaning something that TRULY IS valuable WILL be scarce.

It won't be around for very long.

It will create social proof, since everybody wants it.

Since we humans have a VERY HARD TIME understanding cause and effect, these techniques work both ways.

Meaning high quality products will CREATE scarcity, social proof, etc.

But social proof, scarcity, will also IMPLY high quality products.

This works for products, and for humans.

Meaning if you are a valuable human, you WILL create scarcity, social proof, etc.

But the flip side is also true.

By creating scarcity, social proof etc., you will IMPLY that you are a high quality human.

With just a little bit of work in the front end, you can create a very powerful, very ATTRACTIVE self-sustaining loop.

Making YOU more and more attractive as time goes on.

Learn How:


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