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How To Radiate Irresistible FOMO


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Long time ago I used to sell cars.

It was fun, but also a pain.

A pain because the hours sucked, and most of the time you were standing up.

The cool part was negotiating with customers face to face.

Especially if they enjoyed the process as much as the sales person.

Even before I ever got into sales, I loved to haggle.

And in any sales job where haggling is involved, there are ALWAYS going to be strategies.

Some people, that sell their own stuff from their own shop, know the VERY BEST sales strategy.

It's intuitive and natural.

And that is to be selling the VERY BEST product available.

For people who learn persuasion to sell other people's stuff (which is 99.9% of sales people) it's all about techniques.

Building value, adding on ideas like scarcity, social proof, commitment and consistence, etc.

For most sales people, they have an idea of a product FIRST, and then try to add all those other persuasion ideas SECOND.

Then they try and frame the message so those persuasion ideas are a CAUSE and the EFFECT is the desire to buy the product.

People that make and sell their own stuff discover the opposite usually happens.

In fact, those that have been making and selling their own stuff for a long know that is the IDEAL.

That the product quality is a CAUSE, and all the persuasion ideas (social proof, scarcity, etc.) are an EFFECT.

The product quality CAUSES social proof.

The product quality and demand CAUSES scarcity.

The social proof combined with scarcity CAUSES the very powerful FOMO, the fear of missing out.

A valuable product that is popular is therefore scarce.

And it will soon be GONE.

Once any customer realizes this, FOMO causes an INSANE amount of internally generated buying pressure.

This is one of the most repeatable, demonstrable, COVETED combination of scenarios that ad men have known about for CENTURIES.

If you can create an ORGANIC feeling of FOMO around any idea, it will sell like CRAZY.

FOMO is behind ALL market bubbles.

And YOU can leverage FOMO to YOUR benefit.


By realizing that YOU are the product.

By levering all those ideas with YOUR PRESENCE.

To generate such a strong and positive presence that just showing up will generate a MASSIVE amount of FOMO.

Around YOU.

And the idea of you.

This means that EVERYBODY will want you.

Everybody will want to be part of whatever you are part of.

And because that deep feeling of FOMO will follow you everywhere, people will be inspired to ACT NOW.

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