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How To Radiate FOMO Energy


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Linguistic presuppositions are a very powerful grammatical structure.

They are when you "hide" things inside of a sentence.

Kind of like covertly slipping small ideas into people's brains.

For example, consider this sentence:

"Linguistic presuppositions are powerful."

If I just said that on its own it would be easy to disagree with.

You could say, "No they aren't."

But I could take that same idea and hide it in a sentence.

For example:

One of the reasons linguistic presuppositions are so powerful is because they let you control other people's thinking without them knowing it.

The above sentence works like a "sleight of hand."

Where a magician does something on one side, where he wants your attention, but the REAL magic is being done where nobody is looking.

In the above sentence, most people would focus on the part about controlling other people's thinking.

If you read the above sentence, it would be difficult mentally to say:

"Wait a minute, I disagree that linguistic presuppositions are powerful."

This structure, of hiding ideas inside long winded sentences is what you see political pundits on TV do all the time.

But the idea of something be PRESUPPOSED is very, very powerful.

Because you can presuppose a lot, not only through words, but through actions.

One of the most common "ideas" from TV shows involving lawyers and cops is the "one time offer."

The district attorney is talking to the bad guy and offers him a deal.

But then he says the magic words.

That it's a one time offer.

This evokes both scarcity and the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Both are VERY POWERFUL when eliciting the desired actions from your targets.

Sales people use it all the time, because it works.

But there's a way to PRESUPPOSE this "one time offer" energy in your behaviors.

Your subconscious non verbal communication.

A way to build in the IDEA into your personality that YOU are a "one time offer."

This is the polar opposite of "desperation energy."

Desperation energy is like an offer that NEVER EXPIRES.

Needless to say, if an offer NEVER expires, it won't be very compelling.

Especially when it comes across as a very needy, "please accept me" type of energy.

The opposite is very rare.

Very attractive.

Very valuable.

Because it ALWAYS radiates that combination of scarcity and FOMO.

And because it comes through your subconscious behavior, it's always implied.


Which will not only make YOU insanely attractive, but it will make everybody else very motivated to ACT FAST.

Learn More:


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