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A very common question when attempting to persuade is wondering what to say.

Somebody has an idea of what they want from somebody else.

And they imagine that outcome is going to come as a result of a verbal interaction.

You SAY something, they take those words into their brain, and respond by DOING or SAYING the thing you WANT them to do or day.

Most of the time this is exactly how it works.

Even when ordering a beer from a bartender.

Or asking for time on the street.

The structure is the same.

Step one, get their attention.

Step two, say whatever it is you want to say.

Step three, hope they respond the way you want them to.

Step four, repeat from step two as many times as needed.

You either keep going until you get what you want, accept a compromise, or give up.

This is pretty much the strategy we learn since childhood.

From delivering a one hour sales pitch to asking somebody in an elevator to hit the "three" button.

But it's not the ONLY way.

It's often not even the BEST way.

Because there is a LOT of things we do now, that we didn't do before.

And many of those things didn't involve somebody else asking us or telling us.

Nevertheless, we took cues from our environment.

Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

Most of the time unconsciously.

Most people never think in these terms.

Most people just kind of bounce around, and let their environment shape their behavior.

But if you take a step back, and see how this process works, you can understand it.

You can BE that environment that operates on others.

WITHOUT their conscious knowledge.

So long as you do it ethically, you can slowly change their behaviors to anything you want.

In fact, to those close to you (friends, family members, coworkers) you are ALREADY doing this.

So all it really involves is taking something that is happening unconsciously and haphazardly, and making it conscious and deliberate.

This will give you a lot more direct influence over others.

In a way where they won't ever know the difference.

Pretty soon you'll be able to slowly shift the behavior of ANYBODY you want.

The more you imagine this, the more you can see how POWERFUL this can be.

Because essentially, you will be secretly in charge of YOUR WORLD.

And nobody needs to know but you.

Learn How:



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