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How To Use Other People's Brains


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The reason for us having consciousness is unknown.

On a much deeper level, the REASON for anything is hard to pin down.

Sure, we can look back a few minutes, and see what happened before.

X causes Y, Y causes Z, etc.

And they might even point to a sequence of events that led to something like consciousness, but that answers the HOW, not the WHY.

From a different perspective, you can look at it from an ownership standpoint.

Imagine a factory making widgets.

They only make them because people buy them.

WHY people buy them is not really their problem.

They only do a few experiments, make them bigger, smaller, this color, that color, etc.

Mostly they just keep making whatever kind of widget people keep buying.

Some people use these widgets in the kitchen, to help them cook.

Some people use these widgets in the garage.

Some people use them while studying, as it helps them remember.

Each of these people would give a different answer what "their" widget is for.

One says it's for cooking.

Somebody else says it's for rebuilding engines.

Most products have very narrow uses.

If you used a canoe paddle as a baseball bat, people would think you were goofy.

On the other hand, if all had was a canoe paddle and a tennis ball, you COULD play a good game of over-the-line in the park.

That's the thing about tools.

HOW we use them is absolutely and completely up to us.

So, while it IS interesting to think about things like the origins and purpose of our consciousness, a better question might be HOW, exactly are YOU making use of YOUR consciousness?

A slightly different, perhaps more provocative question might be how are you using the consciousness of OTHER PEOPLE?

After all, if YOU don't use YOUR brain, somebody else will find a use for it.

This goes both ways.

Brains can be used by pretty much anybody.

There's no rule saying you are ONLY allowed to use your own brain.

There are plenty of ways you can use other people's brains.

After all, take a look around.

Doesn't look like many people are getting much use out of THEIR OWN brains, so why not leverage a little bit of other people's thinking power?

Now, this isn't something most people walk around thinking about.

(most people don't think about much as they walk around...)

But you CAN slowly use the brain power of others.

AND the behavior that brainpower drives.

Learn How:



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