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Why Their Conscious Mind Is Optional


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Everything we do has deep reasons and surface reasons.

And not from a metaphysical sense.

From a purely biological, scientific sense.

On a very deep level, we are driven by instincts.

Every single thing we do is it satisfy one or more combinations of instincts.

Hunger is the easiest to understand.

Because it involves taking something physical that we can see, touch, and smell.

And through the process of eating, or satisfying our deep hunger instinct, we take that STUFF from OUTSIDE of our body, and put it INSIDE of our body.

And while it is INSIDE our body, our body transforms it from STUFF to ENERGY that we can use to get around.

This process of eating is EXTREMELY important.

As such, much of any culture is centered around this experience.

But at the very core, on the deepest level, is this extremely ANCIENT instinct that drives all biological entities to GET ENERGY needed to continue to stay alive.

It's unlikely the many animals besides us humans think much about eating.

But how we satisfy our hunger instinct shows that there are deep reasons, and surface reasons.

The deep reasons are ancient.

The surface reasons are cultural, contextual, and literally INFINITE.

If you get into a fight with your spouse because they got the wrong cake for a party, this is a surface level disagreement over a very deep and ancient instinct.

Every single decision about every single action (past, present or contemplated) contains both elements.

Deep, instinctive levels.

And surface level, conscious and rational reasons.

Whenever we persuade others, the more of ALL the reasons we understand and target, the better of a persuader we can be.

Something as simple as eating, for example, is rarely done in isolation.

There are usually social instincts being satisfied at the same time.

Often there is hopefully some sexual instincts being eventually satisfied.

Meaning getting together for dinner is one step in a longer intention to satisfy sexual and romantic instinctive needs.

No matter WHO you are intending to persuade, the more you understand about ALL LEVELS of their unmet needs, the easier you can persuade them.

Most folks ONLY focus on the surface level ideas.

These surface level ideas will always need language.

Because language only speaks to surface level things.

But the deeper you go, the less language you need.

The deeper you go, the less of their conscious minds that you need.

If you go deep enough, and subtle enough, you can persuade them without EVER needing to engage their conscious minds.

Meaning you can get them to do ANYTHING, and they'll never know it was you.

This can lead to MANY interesting outcomes.

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