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Instincts, Ad Secrets And Captured Hearts


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There are two very basic ways to get somebody to do something.

And there are two basic reasons why we all do things.

To INCREASE our state, by moving toward something positive.

Or to INCREASE our state, by moving away from something negative.

When thinking about persuading others, you MUST use their reasons.

A very common technique of persuasion is "features and benefits."

Where you list all the features, or the positive aspects of whatever you are persuading them to do.

The benefits are the REASONS why they are "good things."

One "feature" can have MANY benefits.

For example, imagine if you were selling a blue car.

One "feature" could be it's blue color.

What would the benefits be of that blue color?

Theoretically, they could be ANYTHING.

But here's the thing.

Unless those features AND benefits happened to match what was important from THEIR perspective, none of them would work.

This is why salespeople tend to rattle of a LONG list of features and benefits, hoping SOME of them will stick.

Of course, since we are all humans, we all have the SAME instincts.

And if you happened to KNOW the instincts that were very STRONG in your target, then you could use that.

For example, they say the path to a man's heart is his stomach.

The INSTINCT in this case is food.

And by "feeding" a man, over and over, you can "seduce" him.

The idea being, if you are a woman interested in a particular man, by continuously SATISFYING one of his instincts, you'll "train him" to develop an affinity for you.

Turns out these technique works VERY WELL.

And not just with hunger, with ALL our instincts.

Marketers and advertisers have known this forever.

One thing we ALL respond to SUBCONCONSCIOUSLY is the idea of getting social approval.

This is the idea behind ALL brands and fashions.

The MAIN REASON we choose any type of clothing or accessory is to LOOK GOOD to certain people.

And the more advertisers can create this CAUSE-EFFECT linkage, the more they'll sell:

Buy this item (cause) and get social approval from your peers (effect).

Turns out this is a VERY versatile idea.

Of connecting the unmet instinctive needs to an external behavior.

Advertisers, politicians, even religions do this on a LARGE scale.

But you can also learn how to do it on a small scale.

A one on one scale.

To slowly change the behavior of ANYBODY.

And just like most people FEEL REALLY GOOD when they strut the latest fashions, YOUR targets will FEEL REALLY GOOD when they start to exhibit your behaviors.

Behaviors that YOU have trained into them.

Learn How:


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