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When you were a kid your mom was worried about you hanging out with the wrong crowd.

All moms are worried about their kids hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Because we tend to pick up "bad habits" that way.

A few decades of data show this to be true.

The idea of nature vs. nurture is an old one.

Take the idea that wealthy people have more books in their houses.

Which of these come first?

Does their desire to read books give them knowledge (from the books) and then they use that knowledge to make money?

Is the desire to learn things the SAME knowledge that helps them make money?

If you give a bunch of books to poor people, will they become rich?

The trouble with questions like this is they are VERY HARD to test.

Any kind of question about human behavior can only be guessed at.

So what about nurture vs. nature?

There IS plenty of data they can look at.

And that is data from twins.

Identical twins born together and raised in the same house.

Identical twins raised apart.

Adopted kids raised in the same house.

Non identical twins raise together (same house) and separately.

The data is pretty clear.

There are TWO main things that create our ADULT behavior.

Half is our genes, the other half our NON-FAMILY peer group.

This is why mom was so worried about you hanging with the wrong crowd.

Because we DO tend to pick up habits from our friends.

If we have "good" friends, we pick up good habits.

If we have "bad" friends we pick up bad habits.

The REAL QUESTION is HOW, exactly, do we pick up those bad habits?

We model.

We subconsciously copy the behavior from people we admire.

If that means doing homework and getting good grades, that's good.

If that means smoking and robbing liquor stores, that's bad.

But this is only ONE WAY we "pick up" behavior.

There are many ways to "pick up" behavior.

Sometimes we are "trained" by our environment.

This is essentially how we pick up habits from friends.

They (our friends) are our environment.

Our environment which TRAINS us.

Or we can TRAIN ourselves.

This is when practice things like sports, music and multiplication tables.

Or we can TRAIN others.

Most people try to do this, but not successfully.

The trick to training others is to be as COVERT and as SUBCONSCIOUS as you can.

Meaning the more they DON'T KNOW they are being trained, the easier it is to train them.

Learn How:


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