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Generally speaking, having a long game is better than short game.

For example, people who are CEO's of big companies can generally out plan politicians.

CEOs can execute plans that take 5-10 years to play out.

Politicians, on the other hand, are always focused on the next election cycle.

If you've ever watched movies about chess, one trait of good players is how long of a game they are playing.

A very common idea is that one player makes a move, and the other laughs, because it seems on the surface to be a silly move.

But then it turns out that "silly move" was actually a trap.

Sun Tzu's, "Art of War" was essentially the same thing applied to military strategy.

If you were a hiring manager, consider two potential employees.

Both had identical resumes and experience.

One had a five year plan, the other only had a plan up until the weekend.

Most would choose the guy with the five year plan over the guy with the three day plan.

A common question of characters in movie, when one character doesn't quite understand WHY another character did something is:

"What game are you playing?"

Meaning they MUST have some long game plan if they did something silly in the short term.

The word "checkmate" makes it way into movies when chess isn't otherwise mentioned.

It means out-thinking your opponent.

Of tricking him into a trap.

Generally speaking, the longer game you've got the better play you'll have.

This is true in competitions, but also in collaborations.

In persuasion, you can think of short term persuasion and long term persuasion.

Short term is using words.

Talking to people in a specific way generate short term outcomes.

You can also use long term strategies.

Generally speaking, the shorter term the strategy is, the more words you've got to use.

The BIGGER DEAL the short term strategy is, the BETTER WORDS you've got to use.

The longer and more subtler the persuasion is, the less words you've got to use.

When you train people, rather than persuade them, you don't need to use words at all.

Only slight changes in tone of voice.

Micro-extensions to eye contact.

A very strategically placed touch here and there.

The longer your game, the more you can train.

Given enough time, you can get those closest to you behaving EXACTLY how you want.

Learn How:


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