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Barking Dogs and Time Travel


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One of the most common, yet least understood idea is cause and effect.

On a very basic, scientific level, it's not so clear.

There is an idea of entropy, or "disorder" of any system.

The second "law" of thermodynamics is that entropy will always increase.

The reason "law" is in quotes is that second law of thermodynamics is not quite a law.

It's not something that can be mathematically derived.

It's just something they always see happening, and they assume always WILL happen.

The idea that as "time" goes on, the "entropy" or disorder of a system will increase.

If you tell a bunch of kids to stand in the corner and then turn your back, they will not stay in the same place for very long.

The same goes for molecules.

Put a bunch of gas molecules in the corner of a room, and they won't stay there.

This seems simple, but yet it is insanely complex.

In a very real way, the only mathematical way to DESCRIBE the process of increasing entropy is that it has a higher probability.

And it turns out the only reason TIME moves forward is because ENTROPY always increases.

Cause MUST come before effect.

Unfortunately, when humans think about this, we almost always get it backward.

This why anytime anybody starts talking about any two variables, somebody always says:

"You know, correlation doesn't mean causation."

Meaning that just because two things HAPPEN at the same time doesn't mean they are related.

Scientists believe the reasons we silly humans make all kinds of cause-effect connections is because it helped us think.

Our brain is VERY expensive.

Our brain, despite being pretty small compared to our muscles, uses 20% of our calories.

So any time nature found a shortcut in thinking, it took it.

Way back in the way when things were simple, making cause-effect links were helpful.

Now they CAN be dangerous.

For example, if the first guy or girl that dumped you had red hair, EVERY TIME you see somebody with red hair your monkey brain will feel a little bit of those old hurt feelings.

If a little kid sees ONE dog barking loudly and angrily, they'll be afraid of most dogs.

At least until they meet a few friendly ones.

Most people aren't aware of this cause-effect generator that lives in our brains.

But it's pretty simple.

And easy to leverage.

Meaning you can link behaviors that you LIKE with positive feedback, and they will SUBCONSCIOUSLY be driven to do those behaviors.

Which behaviors?

Any behaviors you like.

Learn How:


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