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The most important part of humans is our brain.

Our ability to think and plan creatively is what made us dominate the planet.

Our brain was SO valuable that we pretty much evolved everything else AROUND our big brains.

Kind of like every ancient civilization formed around rivers.

Jericho, for example, the world's OLDEST city, had a natural spring that continued to gush up water.

Other cities formed around springs died up as soon as the water did.

Cities mean people and a lot of farmland, and that requires a lot of continuous water.

Sometimes, though, this is a double edged sword.

Civilizations that sprung up around rivers had the benefit of the water from the river.

But the river also allowed an easy way for enemies to attack the city.

Our brains are kind of the way.

Tons of benefits, but plenty of costs.

Naturally, we wouldn't be here if the benefits DIDN'T outweigh the costs, but there are costs nonetheless.

What are the main costs of our big brain?

Our brain is WAY too big for us to be born even CLOSE to being fully formed.

Which means we have a TONS of instincts, but also TONS of learning potential.

We can think of our learning capacity like "programmable instincts."

If you train something ENOUGH, to the point of unconscious competence, it's very much like having a NEW set of instincts.

Some of these things are easy.

Like riding a bike.

Other things take a lot of time.

Some things are trained in by our environment.

Other things we train into ourselves.

But with a little bit of understanding and patience, you can train things into other people.

This happens all the time anyway.

Because most of the stuff we learn from our environment is from other people.

As humans are highly social creatures, our environment is nearly always a bunch of other people.

When you purposely train things into other people, you're taking what we do NATURALLY, and doing it deliberately.

This is essentially the story of human progress.

Seeing what happens naturally, and then augmenting it for our benefit.

Just like ancient humans learned to train the land (their environment) to provide specific types of food.

You can train your friends (your environment) to provide specific types of behavior.

Or even strangers.

There are short term training methods, for bartenders and waitresses.

And longer term training methods, for friends, business associates, and potential lovers.

Learn How:


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