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Ketchup, Keys and Tigers


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Pegging is a very useful memory technique.

But most courses and books don't quite teach it correctly.

Pegging, if you aren't familiar with it, is like hanging your keys on a peg.

You walk in the door, hang your keys on the peg, and they'll be there when you need them.

The idea is to take a new piece of information, and attach it to a pre-existing piece of information in your brain.

This part is simple and straightforward.

Whether it actually works or not is based specifically on HOW you connect the two ideas together.

For example, let's say you were going shopping, and you wanted to remember to buy ketchup.

And you wanted to "peg" that idea to the idea your car keys.

The idea being you'd walk into the supermarket, hold your car keys and suddenly remember what you were there to buy.

(Yes, this is a silly example!)

So HOW, exactly, would you connect the two ideas? The ketchup and the car keys?

The BETTER of a connection you make the more AUTOMATIC the memory will be.

Most courses say you need to make a cartoonish type image.

Like a gigantic bottle of ketchup dancing around with a bunch of keys as a necklace.

That is a START.

But to make it REALLY stick you need to add a couple more things.

Unfortunately, these other couples are the MAIN REASON you'll never read about this technique in mainstream learning courses.

Because there are TWO THINGS that make us humans remember anything.

Extreme pain, and extreme pleasure.

Extreme pain is easy. Whatever is the MOST painful thing to imagine.

The extreme pleasure is also easy.


Once you put those three things together, a goofy image, pain and sex, that connection (ketchup and keys) will FOREVER be linked.

This because pain and pleasure are THE motivators for human action and behavior.

We WANT pleasure.

We DON'T WANT pain.

Every single thing we do is to move AWAY from the bad stuff and toward the good stuff.

This is why ancient cavemen, when they were out strolling and heard a tiger growl, EVERY SINGLE THING about that situation was seared into their brains forever.

It's also why when you have a NEAR sexual encounter with somebody, (especially if you don't have a lot of experience) that PERSON will FOREVER live in your memory.

So, the money question, how can we USE this information?


When you WANT people to do things, you can carefully leverage their own pain and pleasure points.

Hit their pleasure buttons when they do what you want.

Hit their pain buttons when they do what you DON'T want.

And if you are subtle enough, they won't know ANYTHING.

They'll just slowly start to behave the way YOU want them to.

And it will be for THEIR reasons.

Learn How:


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