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All humans are motivated by two things.

Two very vague, and very strong motivators.

They color all our thinking and acting.

We want more of one thing, and less of another.

One is pleasure, one is pain.

Pain and pleasure are extremely vague ideas.

But everything we either move towards, or move away from, can be put in one of these two categories.

Things we want, and things we don’t want.

This is how all humans learn.

When we do things “correctly” it FEELS good.

When we make a “mistake,” it FEELS bad.

Since we are naturally programmed to do more stuff that FEELS good, we tend to self correct.

Especially when we have a much larger goal on the other side of whatever we are practicing.

For example, imagine you had a vision in mind of being the star basketball player of your school, and all the good stuff that came along with that.

Because that END POINT was so compelling, the natural trial and error would be self motivating.

The mistakes you made while practicing wouldn’t be so bad.

Because they would give you valuable feedback to get CLOSER to your ultimate goal.

All learning (or practicing) is enjoyable if WE are going toward a bigger goal that WE chose.

On the other hand, if you are forced to sit and listen to some cranky old lady talk about long division, it SUCKS.

You have no idea WHY you are learning such a horrific thing.

So when you make a mistake, it REALLY sucks.

When you do it correctly, it might feel good, but only because there is no pain.

If you happen to be the teacher’s pet type, then doing long division correctly will give you pleasure.

This is why the best teachers always find a reason to give their students proper motivation.

To explain WHY they need to learn such boring stuff.

Learning something for YOUR OWN reasons is fun and sometimes exhilarating.

Learning something “just because” pretty much sucks for everybody.

But there is another way to inspire people.

Completely subconsciously.

When you are overtly teaching or training, everybody KNOWS why they are doing what they are doing.

To the extent they have a good reason, they’ll enjoy it.

But you can also teach completely subconsciously.

Not just information, but behaviors.

So long as you are SUBCONSCIOUSLY motivating them by THEIR pleasure points, you can slowly train ANYBODY to do pretty much ANYTHING.

Needless to say, this is a very POWERFUL skill.

How many ways can YOU imagine using it?

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