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Plant Behaviors In Their Mind


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One of the most important qualities to develop as a human is patience.

It’s very common to want things right the f--- now.

One of the most curious developments that happened in human history was when humans stopped hunting and started farming.

If you are a hunter, and you are hungry, you can get out there and kill something.

Similar if you are a farmer.

But in order to be hungry now and eat something now, as a farmer, you have to have planted stuff a few months ago.

The question is how did the first hunters decide to plant stuff in the ground?

Chances are they found large areas that had plenty of stuff already growing.

And they had enough stored up, from nature, to eat while they slowly learned how to plant other stuff.

But the transition is an important one.

The idea of doing something TODAY that won’t benefit you for several months.

This is the ONE THING that is common among all successful people.

It is extremely rare to do something NOW and suddenly benefit NOW.

The longer you take to build something, the longer that thing will last.

This idea shows up in all kinds of parables and stories in every culture.

The people who make up stories to tell kids know the importance of doing things today to benefit yourself way in the future.

One way this comes across is how we interact with others.

Most people are aware of using carefully chosen words.

Words to sell, words to persuade, or words to seduce.

Those words are usually thought up in the moment.

They create a desire in the mind of your target in the moment.

Which compels them to behave in a certain way, in the moment.

In a way, this is like hunting.

You want a certain behavior from somebody, so you go out and create it with your language.

But much deeper than language is your non-verbal behavior.

There is way to USE your non-verbal behavior to induce behaviors in others.

And like farming, once these non-verbal behaviors are planted in their minds, their behaviors will continue.

Far into the future.

Just like farming takes longer to create than going out and killing some animal, this also takes longer than communication.

But since words aren’t needed, it’s much easier.

The longer you take planting the seeds, the more permanent their behavior will be.

What behavior?

Any behavior you like.

Learn How:


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