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How To Induce Permanent Behaviors


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There’s a saying in NLP that you can’t not communicate.

Meaning that everything you do, conscious or unconscious, verbal or non-verbal, is a kind of communication.

You are always transmitting SOME type of information.

On a deeper level, you can say that we can’t not PERSUADE.

Communication requires two people.

Even if those two people are imaginary people living inside your head.

Any data that is transmitted from one person to another is done for a REASON.

That reason is to change the state of the receiver.

Sometimes this is a conscious intention, sometimes it’s an automatic, and unconscious intention.

Many of our communication strategies have been built into us by evolution.

Since we are social creatures, we’ve evolved to always give signals to those around us.

We don’t usually think of these as communication or persuasion, but they work that way.

For example, if you were having a pleasant conversation with a friend, and they suddenly looked over your right shoulder with a huge look of fear on their face, you would IMMEDIATELY turn around to see what was up.

They didn’t plan on communicating or persuading, but that’s what happened.

As social animals, we’ve evolved to always be sending signals to one another for that reason.

In the above example, this requires only ONE person in the group to spot the predator, and communicate the existence of the predator to everybody else.

But more importantly, that message comes with an intention.

To persuade the receiver to DO SOMETHING.

When it comes to conscious persuasion, we usually think of using carefully chosen words.

If you’re a little kid, this usually means repeating the request over and over until it’s fulfilled.

If you’re an adult, this can be done many ways.

Sweet talking your target.

Using carefully worded phrases that covertly hypnotize them.

Whether you are selling or seducing, words can be EXTREMELY powerful.

But they have one major drawback.

The idea or behavior you induce with your words will be very short lived.

Every time you sell something, you’ll have to use those same words over and over.

Every time you seduce somebody (either the same person each time or a different person each time) you’ll have to use carefully chosen words.

Needless to say, the words you use will have to closely match the outcome you are creating.

But about long term behaviors?

Can you induce your targets to perform long term behaviors, not just once, but permanently?

Yes you can.

Of course, it takes a little bit longer.

But the flip side is it’s much more subconscious.

Meaning the tradeoff is you need fewer words.

And once you learn how, you can train anybody to do anything.

And keep doing it.


Learn How:



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