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A fairly common situation is to meet somebody famous.

Especially if they are famous for “pretending.”

Either an actor, or a performer of some kind.

A friend of mine took his son to see a locally famous comedian.

It was at some fair or something.

The son really liked him, his jokes were goofy and childlike.

When he performed, he had a lot of energy.

The energy combined with his goofy jokes made him pretty popular with the kids.

So the father and the son went looking for him after the show.

Somehow, they made their way into a backstage area they weren’t supposed to be in.

Where the comedian didn’t expect to meet any fans.

When they saw him, he was sitting on a chair, elbows on both knees, cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a tired look on his face.

The absolute OPPOSITE of how he was on stage.

While shocking, this is kind of what you’d expect.

Especially from somebody who has super high energy as part of the act.

This is essentially what it means to be an entertainer.

To perform in a certain that is NOT normal.

Imagine if the guys who did pro wrestling were ALWAYS like that.

Body slamming people out of the way in the grocery store.

The reason we crave that behavior from entertainers is the same reason we crave fictional stories.

Because LIFE is NOT like that.

Very few people we meet in life are charismatic.

Very few situations we find ourselves in are like on TV or the movies.

Most people, and most situations, are pretty boring.

When people go see a movie, or a live performance, they EXPECT over the top behaviors and situations.

Which is why if you slowly build up a “personality” that is “better” than average, people will respond VERY favorably.

The easiest way to do that is to build a very compelling frame.

Most people are always looking OUTSIDE of themselves for entertainment, reassurance and validation.

The trick is to get all those from INSIDE your own brain.

It’s actually pretty easy.

Just find as many situations in your past, where you did something YOU were very proud of.

Things that entertained you a great deal.

And practice holding those things in mind, making them as strong as you can.

It’s common to have a strong frame AFTER doing something remarkable, but then it wears off.

This trick will help you build and KEEP a strong frame based on the stuff that ALREADY exists in your mind.

And when you show up with THAT frame, people will want some.

This will make them naturally gravitate toward you, and your ideas.

Learn How:


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