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Stock Traders and Jelly Bean Guessers


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The hive mind can be incredibly intelligent.

For example, the space shuttle blew up in the eighties shortly after launch.

Live on TV.

Even worse, there was a school teacher on board.

The cause was one of three major components.

Each component was made by separate private companies that had been hired by NASA.

We’ll call those three components X, Y and Z.

Immediately after the explosion, each of the stocks absolutely TANKED on the stock market.

The three companies that made X, Y and Z.

Interestingly, two of them had come back before the end of trading.

One never recovered.

It took NASA six months of intense testing to find the component that failed and caused the explosion.

It was the SAME ONE that never recovered on the stock market.

The smartest minds a NASA took six months to figure it out.

The HIVE MIND had it figured out in less than a day.

How, exactly?

Nobody’s really sure.

Maybe it’s some kind of “collective consciousness” that is WAY smarter than any individual.

It’s kind of the same thing that Adam Smith referred to as the “Invisible Hand,” with respect to market prices.

Based ONLY on market prices, the market “knows” what’s in demand, what’s scarce, and what’s not.

There are plenty of examples of the hive mind outsmarting any individual.

Sometimes it’s pretty simple.

Like in contests where people guess the number of jelly beans in a jar.

The AVERAGE (which sort of represents the hive mind) is always within one, or sometimes less, jelly beans.

The closest INDIVIDUAL is usually off by ten or twenty jelly beans.

In these contests, the hive mind (average) ALWAYS beats the smartest human.

Humans have been social animals for millions of years.

Since BEFORE we were humans.

And since we only invented spoken language 100,000 years ago or so, there is TONS of information flying around that is out of our conscious awareness.

Things like jelly bean contests and space shuttle explosions, where there is a SINGLE and CLEAR goal, the hive mind will always win, hands down.

But this requires that EACH individual in the hive mind be operating SEPARATELY.

Like stock market traders and jelly bean guessers.

But sometimes there is a group of people are there ARE no clear goals.

Everybody is kind of hanging out, with their own ideas.

When there is no clear goal, the hive mind will CRAVE somebody to tell them what to do.

In an experiment, they stick ten people in a room.

They ALWAYS choose one leader.

How can you BE that leader?

The short answer is to have the strongest frame.

Create non-verbal (subconscious) communication that is clear, congruent, strong and desirable.

With a strong frame like this, you don’t NEED words.

Learn How:


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