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How To Get Rock Star Treatment


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Napoleon famously said that men will die for ribbons.

He learned from experience that his soldiers would fight much, much harder if he publicly rewarded them for bravery later on.

After the battle, the few soldiers who bought the bravest would be brought before the entire army and given a ribbon.

When he said men will die for ribbons, he wasn’t referring to the actual ribbon.

He was referring to the idea of getting public recognition.

Humans respond very strongly to the idea of becoming famous.

Much more so if that fame is a result of something they’ve done.

Especially if that something actually helped the community in some way.

This is a very strong, and very ancient instinct.

Each day hunters went out, they all wanted the big kill.

Whoever dragged the biggest animal back to camp got MAD props from everybody.

Each individual hunter was motivated by their own SELFISH desire to kill something big and get some rock star treatment.

But that same selfish desire is what fed the tribe.

And since they were all feasting on the same animal, it created tribal cohesion.

Whenever people look around a crowded room, they look for people with that “rock star” body language and energy.

People that have a history of doing great things and getting recognition for those great things have a certain “way” about them.

This is how we can recognize charismatic people from across the room.

We not only recognize them, but we also recognize everybody else recognizing them.

In a tribe of ancient hunters, or a group of soldiers, you’d have to be a SERIOUS BAMF to get that kind of respect.

But in a group of normal humans?

Not so much.

You only need just a little bit more than everybody else.

And since most people aren’t rock stars, or hunters, or special agents, that’s pretty easy.

Because that “rock star” frame comes from recent rock star memories.

The cool thing is you can find your own rock star memories.

And purposely make them as BIG in your mind as possible.

Practice building them up.

The outside energy, your frame, will be what people notice.

All you’ve got to do is find a few memories of when you did ANYTHING with any amount of skill, and felt really good about it.

It could be a memory from a week ago, or a memory from ten years ago.

Find a few memories, build them up, and practice holding them in mind when you go anywhere socially.

You’ll project a rock star frame, and you’ll attract rock star attention.

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