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Real Status vs. Fake Status


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Status is something that is important, but often misunderstood.

We tend to think of status as something that has obvious indicators.

Wealth, bling, clothing, hanging out with the cool kids.

But the status that is REALLY important is the kind that is very subconscious.

And always present.

It’s quite possible for people to have high artificial status, but very low real status.

Especially in our jacked up economy.

People that are wealthy, for example, have all the external “signals” of status but none of the subconscious energy.

On the other hand, it’s very possible to have REAL status, but not much of the signals.

No expensive clothes, or bling, or a big house in the hills.

What’s the difference?

Way back in the day, before society was invented, before money was invented, status was closely related to leadership.

And it was also closely related to productivity.

Productivity being the guy who could kill the biggest animal.

One way to think of it as ancient societies like football teams.

The quarterback was the guy who led the tribe on the hunt.

That’s the same guy that got all the girls.

And people turned to in times of trouble.

This is REAL status.

Today, when there are TONS of ways to make money, you can have plenty of FAKE status but NONE of the personality of an ancient leader.

But we are JUST AS sensitive to those ancient status signals as we used to be.

They put a bunch of people in a room, for example, and give them a task.

INVARIABLY, they automatically sort into a hierarchy.

And the guy or gal who ends up on top is the one with the strongest “leadership energy.”

A mix of confidence, openness and a general feeling of “I’ve got this.”

The kind of energy people NATURALLY turn to when nobody knows what to do.

Even if you are a billionaire CEO of a tech startup, if you’re stuck in an elevator, you could be just as clueless as everybody else.

In that situation, genuine, natural leadership is the one that wins.

A short-hand name for that energy is “frame strength.”

The person with the strongest FRAME is going to be the go-to guy or gal when nobody knows what to do.

The person with the strongest FRAME is going to be the most attractive person in the room.

The person with the strongest FRAME is going to be the most persuasive or seductive (if they want) without needing to do much speaking.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you are) it’s easy to make a ton of money today WITHOUT a strong frame.

But when push comes to shove, people will prefer FRAME over fake status every single time.

Which means if YOU get busy building a strong frame, you’ll be the one they prefer.

Learn How:


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