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The One Thing Everybody Wants


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There is a very critical transition humans should make.

Not really “should,” by it is an important transition.

It is from the childhood mindset, to the adult mindset.

Children have a very simple strategy to get what they need.

They keep asking until they get it.

Adults can only get away with this so much.

If you are a very attractive female, you can use this strategy for a long time.

But if you are a normal looking human, and don’t have much of a halo-effect going for you, then getting what you need is going to require some effort.

Most of the time this involves learning skills, getting a job, and trading your time for money.

Then you take that money and buy what you want.

What you want is made by other people all playing the same game.

Learning skills and making things (or helping make things) and selling those to other people to get money to buy what you need.

So long as what you want or need can be bought, you’re OK.

But what about the stuff that CAN’T be bought?

Like friendship, love, respect, loyalty, companionship, affection?

You can’t buy those things.

Nor can you get those with the childhood mindset of asking and waiting for somebody to GIVE those to you.

(Unless you have as massive halo effect going for you).

When it comes to getting tangible stuff, the idea of TRADE is obvious.

You first trade your time for money.

Then you trade that money for whatever you want.

(like a big box of frozen burritos, for example)

But that other stuff, the stuff that CAN’T be bought, that falls under the model of trade as well.

But the “stuff” we are “trading” is intangible.

When you are in a relationship with somebody, for example, it works so long as both parties are RECEIVING something intangible and GIVING something intangible.

Normally this happens automatically and subconsciously.

But if you’ve ever been in a relationship (friendship or romantic) where YOU are doing all the giving and the other person is just “using you,” it feels pretty crummy.

This is when relationships tend to burn out and end.

When you want something tangible, it’s a matter or figuring out how to get the cash to buy it.

But what about intangible things that you want, but don’t have?

You can’t exactly go shopping for a new relationship.

Those just “happen,” right?

Turns out you CAN make them “happen” a lot more quickly and dependably.

Because you CAN increase what you have to offer.

Because there’s ONE THING that EVERYBODY wants.

One thing that EVERYBODY will respond favorably to.

And because this ONE THING will provide tons of subconscious and emotional value to them, they will respond by GIVING YOU whatever they’ve got.

What IS this ONE THING?

Learn About It Here:



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