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Chaos theory is a pretty interesting concept.

It states that despite living in a deterministic universe, we can’t predict things very far into the future.

This has nothing to do with the accuracy of the measuring equipment, nor does it have anything to do with Quantum Physics.

They figured this out when they started looking at computerized weather modeling.

Even though weather has only a few variables, it’s impossible to predict.

They took a starting point, and let it run a few weeks in computer time.

They end point was a certain weather system.

Then they took that SAME starting point, and altered it as slightly as they could, and let it run for the same few weeks.

The results were COMPLETELY different.

It turns out the longer out you need to predict, the more accurately you need to measure the staring conditions.

The problem is when you compare the two.

If you want to increase the time, by say twice as long (from two weeks to four weeks) you need to make the measurement TEN TIMES as accurate.

If you want to go out eight weeks, you need to increase the accuracy of measuring the starting conditions by 100 times.

This is why they will NEVER be able to predict weather more than a few days out.

No matter how much technology they invent, they’ll never be able to do it.

This is how they get the idea of the Butterfly Effect.

Small changes can lead to HUGE results.

A butterfly flaps his wings in Brazil, and causes a hurricane in Texas two weeks later.

When most people show up to a social situation, they hope for the best.

Most people have a very vague idea of what they want.

But the problem is that everybody is ALWAYS communication.

No matter WHO you are, you are always sending and receiving TONS of non-verbal signals.

This means you are impacting their frames, and their frames are impacting your frames.

And since most people have VERY WEAK frames, you end up with a Junior High School dance phenomenon.

Girls on one side, boys on the other.

Both looking and wishing they could communicate.

Of course, in modern places, it’s not so simple.

It’s actually MUCH WORSE.

Every person and their own crew is like an island among many islands.

All wanting to communicate, but all being afraid to get it going.

And when you consider the chaos theory as it applies to inter-frame communication, it makes sense.

But it’s also VERY EASY to dominate.

Because if one person has frame strength that is significantly stronger than everybody else’s, everybody will know it.

And everybody will know that everybody knows it.

And everybody will soon being competing with everybody to be part of that frame strength.

And if YOU happen to the be THE ONE with that frame strength, then you’ve got it made.

Learn How:


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