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A very enlightening study was done once on body language.

They had a bunch of people walk through social situations.

Bars, clubs, etc., where meeting and talking to strangers would be appropriate.

They followed these people with researchers.

They’d flash the pictures around and ask if anybody had seen them.

They’d they ask for a first impression rating, on a scale of 1-10.

“See this guy? Yeah? OK, real quick, how would you rate him?”

Like that. 

The people giving the rankings would only have a very BRIEF memory of seeing the person.

And they would use that brief memory to come up with their score.

They reason they were doing the test was to see what impact posture had on their ratings.

Meaning they would walk through places with two different postures.

One unconfident, with head down, shoulder slumped forward.

Another confident, with back straight, face forward, and shoulders back.

Everything else was the same.

Their clothing, their bling, their haircut, their cologne, their physical appearance.

Simply by changing their posture, the average increase was two full points.

This is only by a very obvious change.

Add into this the idea that NON-VERBAL communication is more than 90% of communication.

And the idea that we can’t NOT communicate.

So even if you are in conversation with somebody, and words are going back and forth, the words comprise LESS THAN 10% of the message.

And when somebody is checking you out from across the room, your non-verbal body language is 100% of the message.

Whether you are being checked out, or if you are a conversation, the sum total of your NON-VERBAL communication can be called your FRAME.

Your inner state comes out through your frame.

The sum total of your non-verbal communication.

Naturally, the stronger your frame, the more attractive you’ll be.

People naturally gravitate to people with strong and attractive frames.

In fact, people crave a strong-framed person so much, they follow gurus and cult leaders.

Even when the CONTENT of their frame is absolutely insane.

Imagine what you could do with a strong frame that has some pretty normal content?

Luckily, building up the strength of your frame is just as simple as building up muscle strength or endurance.

It’s not quick or magical, but with consistent effort, you’ll get consistent results.

Building a strong frame is one those things that will make EVERYTHING do you so much more compelling.

Get Started:


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