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How To Achieve Outcome Independence


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For many people, setting goals presents a paradox.

One of the things we humans LOVE is a bright, yet undetermined future.

As soon as we define the future, it becomes much less compelling.

Imagine you’ve got a job.

And your are 100% sure that in one year, you will get a raise of 50%.

The boss says you’ve got to do some things, but you are 100% certain you will do those things.

So you are 100% certain that within one year, you will get a 50% raise.

At first it would be pretty cool.

But as the days go on, it would seem less cool and more normal.

If you’re like most normal people, by the time you got that raise, you would have already spent the money.

At least mentally.

Unfortunately, this is how they teach us how to set goals.

To create a SPECIFIC target.

At a specific time.

Even when we KNOW (from the above example) we are getting that thing in the future, it naturally diminishes our desire for it.

Now take that SAME idea, of a KNOWN thing coming at a KNOWN time, from KNOWN behaviors, and adding uncertainty to it.

The idea of putting in some behaviors that you AREN’T sure will create that goal will make it LESS compelling than if it were real.

Another is what happens if you SET a goal, but you CAN’T get it?

Imagine guy who dreams of making a lot of money.

But he never gets around to getting started.

Since he hasn’t really started, he can still reasonably believe that if he DID start, he MIGHT actually make some more money.

This is a NICE thought to think.

But if he actually STARTS doing things, and realizes it’s MUCH HARDER than he realizes, this might KILL that vague thought of money in the future.

The idea of having vague goals that you never get started on is actually VERY RATIONAL.

Doing something that has a large chance of DECREASING your happiness is NOT rational.

Luckily, there is a MUCH EASIER way.

A way that doesn’t require that you EVER define your goals.

That you keep them vague and FAR OFF in the future.

So no matter how much progress you make, they will always be OUT THERE, pulling you forward.

This makes it MUCH EASIER to try different things.

If you have a specific goal that is supposed to happen at a specific time, and you try something and it doesn’t work, that can cause PANIC.

You start to worry that you can’t meet your own deadline.


On the other hand, if you have a vague but compelling goal that is ALWAYS a year from now, (whenever NOW happens to be) anything you do will get you closer.

At the very least, you’ll get more information.

This is the BEST WAY to create the actual feeling of outcome independence.

So each individual interaction will be much easier.

And your frame will be much stronger.

Learn More:


Till next time,

George Hutton

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