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Do You Hang Out With Vampires?


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One thing your parents probably worried about when you were young was that you’d hang out with the wrong crowd.

And for good reason.

Decades of data show that there are really only TWO variables that make up your adult personality.

Your genes, and your NON-FAMILY peer group.

The data comes from twins.

Identical, non-identical, raised apart, raised separate, and adopted kids.

And when they combine ALL the data, those two are the most important.

The genes you start off with, and the people you hang out with.

Why are people you hang out with SO important?

Even MORE so than your family?

You can’t choose your family.

You are pretty much stuck with your family.

In fact, a pretty funny saying is that good friends are God’s apology for crappy siblings.

We CHOOSE our friends.

Because we LIKE our friends.

And when we hang around people we like, we soak up their behavior.

That’s why most parents are TERRIFIED that their kids will run with the wrong crowd.

Because if you are a kid, and you happen to LIKE somebody who has “bad” habits, you’ll pick up those bad habits.

Your grades might slip.

You might start smoking.

You might decide to become a vampire.

This is a pretty powerful idea.

It shows that whatever genes we have, we can LEARN whatever behavior we want.

But it requires that we LIKE the person we are learning from.

AND it requires that learning happens more or less subconsciously.

Essentially, this is how humans exist.

We soak up behaviors from the people we like.

Without knowing it.

Lucky for us, this works BOTH WAYS.

Meaning you can soak up behaviors from others, or you can get others to soak up the behaviors from you.

See, a shorthand way of hanging out with somebody, and slowly soaking up their behaviors over time, is “adopting their frame.”

When we LIKE somebody, and look up to them, we adopt their frame.

We take on their behavior, mannerisms, speech patterns, etc.

But if you purposely build a very strong and compelling frame, then plenty of people will adopt YOUR frame.

Since most people don’t think about this stuff, they just kind of look around and FIND SOMEBODY with a strong frame.

They don’t even know they’re doing that.

Since this is what humans do naturally.

Since we are hierarchical social animals, looking for somebody with a strong frame is an instinct.

We naturally follow those with strong frames.

But you can purposely BUILD a strong frame.

What’s even better, is once you figure out how to build a strong frame, you realize that it’s like a muscle.

With consistent “frame building exercises” you can build it as STRONG as you want.

So strong that no matter WHERE you go, EVERYBODY will follow you.

Learn How:


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