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The Moonlight Sonata Frame Technique


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There’s an idea in physics called sympathetic resonance.

If you have two pianos next to each other, and you bang on one middle C, the other middle C will vibrate as well.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

The middle C that has been hit will vibrate at a certain frequency.

The sound it makes is the air pressure radiating out as it’s compressed and then not compressed as the string vibrates at that frequency.

Sound happens when those vibrating air pressure waves hit our ear drums.

And frequency that our ear drums vibrate translate into our brains as a sound.

So those vibrating sound waves work the same way on the other piano string.

Our ear drum can vibrate at many different frequencies.

That’s why we can hear many different frequencies.

But the middle C on the other piano can ONLY vibrate at a middle C frequency.

That’s why it’s called “sympathetic resonance.”

Sympathetic because the string is set up to vibrate at the EXACT SAME frequencies that are being sent through the air.

It’s also why the sky is blue.

The entire spectrum of light (and even the ultra violet light that we can’t see but burns our skin anyway) comes from the sun.

But the molecules in the upper atmosphere vibrate at blue light.

So they have a sympathetic resonance with the blue light from the sun.

Put in the two piano metaphor, it would be like banging on ALL the keys on one piano, and ONLY HAVING a middle C key-string on the other piano.

If you could ONLY HEAR the sounds from the SECOND PIANO, you would be tricked into thinking that the first piano is playing ONLY middle C.

This is why we see blue when we look up at the sky.

This is also how humans communicate on a subconscious level.

We have tons of facial expressions and body language movements.

Too many to be perceived consciously.

And most people are radiating a TON of mixed signals.

Kind of like playing a bunch of random keys in random order on a piano.

Most people’s “music” is a jumbled up mess.

So if you take the time to CONSCIOUSLY radiate a certain emotion, or a certain collection of emotions, it will have a POWERFUL effect.

Imagine being in a room full of player pianos.

The kind that play by themselves.

All of them are playing weak notes. 

Haphazard notes.

Random, weak and haphazard notes.

But ONE piano is playing something BEAUTIFUL, like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

When you take the time to purposely build up strong and positive emotions, and practice radiating those emotions, YOU will be like that ONE piano.

Radiating a beautiful, compelling and congruent frame.

Which will make everybody want to be around you.

Learn How:


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