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Human Lie Detector Experiment


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Here’s a cool exercise you can do with a friend.

Have them tell three lies but pretend they are telling the truth.

Then have them tell three truths, and act like they are telling the truth.

This will let you calibrate their “truth” energy and their “lie” energy.

Energy, of course, means the sum total of all their facial expressions, micro-movements and voice tone.

Too much to perceive consciously.

But if you are relaxed enough (why it’s good to do this with a friend) then you can “feel” the difference.

It’s kind of subconscious to subconscious communication.

Nothing magical or mystical.

But when we pick up things subconsciously, instead of getting actual thoughts and data, we get feelings.

And since most of the time our feelings are a mix of a ton of random stuff, it’s VERY NOISY.

But when you do this lie-detector experiment with a friend, with practice you can get a clearly identifiable, “lie energy” feeling when your friend lies.

The trick is to then have your friend tell you a mix of lies and truths where ONLY THEY know which is a lie and which is the truth.

If you CALIBRATE correctly, you’ll be able to tell.

And usually it seems VERY OBVIOUS.

If you are VERY SNEAKY, you can do this without them knowing.

Get them to say something that you know is a lie, but they think you believe it’s true.

This may take some time, and you’ll have to be creative.

But once you CALIBRATE their “lie energy” they’ll never be able to lie to you again.

This is essentially what people do when they play poker.

They watch the other players VERY CAREFULLY.

And they remember the stuff they do when they are bluffing.

Later, they call these “tells.”

This is also why poker players wear baseball hats and sunglasses.

To hide their tells.

All this is an indication of how we are ALWAYS sending and receiving information.

Most of us are sending a whole jumble of mixed signals.

Most of us are focused inward (worry, anxiety, etc) as much as we are focused outward.

This is why it seems to mysterious when you do the lie detector exercise with a friend.

But there’s another cool way to use this idea.

And that is to practice radiating a specific emotion.

Something positive and enjoyable.

First, you’ll need to practice this at home.

So when you radiate that emotion, it is strong, pure, and congruent.

Then go out in public and radiate that SAME emotional “frame.”

The results are fantastic.

Because EVERYBDOY will not only notice, but they will VERY MUCH enjoy YOUR frame.

Much more than their own.

People will be naturally attracted to you.

They’ll make up excuses to be physically near you.

They’ll make up excuses to start conversations with you.

And that’s just the beginning.

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