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Invisible Clowns With Chainsaws


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Some people, nearly always women, are described as being able to “light up a room.”

Of course, this is a metaphor.

They don’t walk around with a flashlight or anything.

The term “light,” is metaphorical for happy or positive emotions.

So somebody who “lights up” a room doesn’t show up and light everybody on fire.

They show up and turn up the mood.

Everybody around the person becomes happier and more outgoing.

Way back when I was a younger, there was a rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Both in college and in the pros.

Most announcers said that Larry Bird helped others in a certain way.

Meaning he would pass the ball, or otherwise do things that assisted the other players, helping them play better.

But these were all obvious things.

You could see it happening.

Magic, on the other hand, was on a different level.

Most announcers realized that just his PRESENCE made others play better.

Larry Bird made others play better by his DIRECT support.

Passes, screens, etc.

Magic, on the other hand, elevated his teammates by his presence.

In the same way that somebody can just “light up a room.”

How, exactly, does this happen?

Most people will explain it metaphorically.

We tend to use metaphors when we DON’T UNDERSTAND the underlying science.

If we were to be scientifically precise, we would have to be much more verbose when explaining the “light up the room” phenomenon.

The person radiates body language, facial expressions, voice tone, etc., that have an “uplifting effect” on others.

Since we humans are social creatures, we often take cues how we SHOULD feel by the non-verbal communication from others.

For example, if we see somebody suddenly get a terrified look on their face as they stare over our shoulder, we will feel terrified as well.

BEFORE we turn around and see whatever it is behind us.

(Like a clown with a chainsaw, for example)

The opposite works just as well.

Somebody who is happy usually has a GOOD REASON.

And just like we can get terrified BEFORE we see the reason, we can become happy BEFORE we see the reason.

And in a roomful of people, this will have a chain reaction.

But there is one missing ingredient.

The lady who lights up the room has POSITIVE energy.

But it’s also VERY STRONG.


And this means her FRAME is the strongest in the room.

And when you walk into a room with power, positive and congruent energy, your FRAME will DOMINATE the room.

Everybody FEELS your frame and subconsciously decides, “Wow, I like THAT frame better than mine!”

EXACTLY how Magic uplifted everybody around him.

His FRAME dominated. His frame was more or less, “I’m going to play, I’m going to score, and I’m going to enjoy it.”

THAT is the frame that made his teammates better.

How do you DO THIS?

Like This:


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