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Humans have been telling each other stories since the dawn of time.

One way to think of stories is a device to implant post-hypnotic suggestions.

The way these are shown in movies (usually comedies) is by putting somebody in a trance.

While they are in a trance, they say something simple like, “Every time you see the color red, you will talk like a penguin!”

Since it’s fiction, it has to be simple for the audience to understand.

Essentially, it’s presented as a cause-effect idea.

“Color red” = “talk like a penguin”

But from a structural standpoint, that is pretty much the way it really happens.

Put somebody in a trance, and then slip in the new causal connection.

The way it happens stories is much more organic.

And it can take a lot more time.

This could be THE REASON we humans developed an instinct for stories.

SO THAT these “new” causal loops could be implanted.

Old people tell young people stories.

In a very ancient, hunter-gather, tribal environment, how would that work?

Old people tell young people stories.

About heroes battling monsters.

Killing the monsters and saving their friends, family and loved ones.

Told enough time, it builds in the “causal-effect” connection.

But instead of something silly, it builds in something EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

Namely, that seeing a big animal (monster) will cause them to feel CONFIDENCE and a massive desire to kill it.

So they can “save” their family, friends, and loved ones.

All stories are designed to implant cause effect ideas in our brains.

To give us confidence where we might feel fear.

Or hope when we might feel sadness.

This is why we LOVE stories so much.

They are designed, on an instinctive level, to make us feel good.

This is also why the BEST sales letters are told in story format.

They do the same thing.

The hero is the reader.

The villain is the problem the reader is having.

The tool they can use to slay the villain is the product.

When they buy the product, they feel heroic and uplifted.

Able to save their friends, family and loved ones.

Sometimes this is very subtle and covert.

Sometimes this is very blatant and overt.

But it’s always there.

Lucky for us, plenty of smart people have studied the structure of these sales letters.

Not just the sales letters as a whole, but the individual components.

From a story standpoint, from a sales standpoint, from a linguistic standpoint, and from a hypnosis standpoint.

Which means you can learn ALL these techniques.

And slay whatever villains you feel like slaying.

And to help others do the same.

Learn How:



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