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Watching actors give speeches is interesting.

Especially when they are nervous.

For example, if they give a thank-you speech after getting an award, they frequently rely on notes.

(Assuming they don’t go off on a political tangent...)

These are people that are the absolute best in the world at communicating carefully crafted words.

Normally, the words are written by experts.

The actors practice them over and over.

When they make movies, they take plenty of takes.

They record them from plenty of angles.

Even the crappiest movies on Netflix are practiced and filmed and dubbed and cut together.

So when you see an A-lister giving a speech, it’s always interesting to see how NORMAL they sound.

It’s very easy to imagine that people actually talk like they do in the movies.

But when giving a speech in front of others, even the most skilled communicators in the world are too terrified to glance away from their notes.

If you ever watched politicians go off on rants, that too is very practiced.

Politicians practice those rants over and over in front of staff.

AND they hire professional coaches.

The idea of somebody just standing up and speaking eloquently and spontaneously off the top of their head is EXTREMELY rare.

Even “man on the street” interviews on the news are rehearsed.

They stop a guy, and spend a few minutes going over what he wants to say, and let him practice a few times.

The people that are the most eloquent persuaders are salespeople.

And they are eloquent because they have the SAME conversations with the SAME people over and over.

Practicing spontaneous speaking is NOT something most people consider.

But it IS something YOU can practice.

Funny thing is you don’t need to speak to practice.

Because just like martial arts, you can practice certain MOVES over and over again.

Until those individual MOVES become second nature.

There are certain “moves,” or linguistic patterns that can be practiced over and over, through writing.

And since practicing these will build in new neurological connections, you’ll be able to speak in these linguistic patterns.

This is something very few people are aware of.

Even fewer take the time to practice.

So when you make this a habit, you’ll have major advantage.

Whenever, and however you do your speaking.

AND your writing.

Writing, of course, allows you the ability to take something that is already written, already out there being read, and slowly tweak it.

So it keeps getting better.

Learn How:


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