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Most people have an idea of the halo effect.

It’s when people that are attractive have an easier time than the rest of us.

A famous study unquestioningly illustrated this.

They sent in attractive people to job interviews.

Carefully prepped them to give purposely boneheaded answers.

They also prepared normal looking people.

The normal looking people gave very good answers.

As you’d expect, the pretty people who gave dumb answers were hired at a higher rate than the normal people who gave intelligent answers.

The conclusion most people draw from this is life ain’t fair.

Lucky for us normal folks, it isn’t fair.

That is FANTASTIC news.


Because the halo affect only applies to those who are GENETICALLY gifted.

The halo effect is something you either have, or don’t have.

Sure, you can dress nice, wear some nice perfume or cologne, but if you ain’t got a pretty face, there’s not much to do.

At least if you’re a normal human.

Lucky for you, you know how the halo effect works.

It’s used in advertising all the time.

They put a sexy person next to a toaster, and people buy toasters.

(Put my ugly mug next to a toaster and somebody’ll call the cops...)

But for those skilled in the arts of covert hypnosis, you know you can CREATE the halo effect.

The way it normally works is somebody looks at a pretty girl with big boobs.

And that creates a GENETICALLY PROGRAMMED feeling of, “Holy crap! I’d like some of that!”

That feeling, of course, gets stuck to the toaster, or whatever else they are selling.

But there are MANY ways to create that, “I want that” feeling.

Sure, sticking a model up there with big boobs is easy.

She just stands there and creates that feeling all by herself.

But you can create an equally powerful feeling with words.

The thing with words is you can shape them.

Form them like a master sculptor.

Allowing you to create LASER TARGETED halo effects that you can attach to ANYTHING you want to.

This is a skill.

And skills can be learned. 



The more you practice them, the better they’ll get.

As long as you can breathe and think, the more you can enhance your super customizable halo effect powers.

Compare to that sexy model with the big boobs.

Time is NOT her friend.

But it is YOURS.

Get Started:



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