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Swing Set Copywriting Theory


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Everybody loves resonance.

Of course, few people ever take the time to study the scientific aspects of it.

But if you’ve ever had fun on a swing as a kid, you were a perfect student of resonance.

Scientifically, resonance is vibrating a system with an externally applied force, where the externally applied force is the SAME frequency as the system.

Kids swing their legs with the same frequency as the kid-swing system.

This is how they can get such big oscillations.

It’s also how a group of soldiers allegedly collapsed a bridge.

Their marching cadence was the same frequency as the bridge.

And they got such big oscillations, the bridge collapsed and everybody dies.

Of course, this may be a myth.

They tried to prove (or disprove) this on the TV show, “Myth Busters,” and were unable to.

Resonance is also how you can run your fingers around the rim of a wine goblet, and get it to sing.

The small jumps, due to the friction between your finger and the glass, are the SAME frequency as the wine goblet.

And by varying the level of wine, you change the resonance frequency, and therefore the pitch.

This is how those guys on YouTube can play music with wine goblets.

Resonance is also how professionally trained singers can break glass.

This is similar to the soldiers on the bridge.

The soldiers marched at the same frequency of the bridge until it broke.

The singer sings at the same frequency of the glass until it breaks.

Humans also can have a resonance frequency.

When two people “click” that’s what this means.

They are on the same “wavelength.”

Their energy is overlapping on many levels.

This is those magical dates that start off as simple “meet and greets” and end up as marathon conversations that you NEVER want to end.

Most people think these are rare and chance events.

But you know better.

You know that by studying the art of conversational hypnosis, you can deliberately resonate with a great number of people.

And if you can create a carefully written sales page that resonates with a great number of people, you can make a HUGE amount of money.

This is why doing this via text is actually MUCH easier.

In a conversation, once the words leave your mouth, you can’t re-speak them.

But once you’ve got a sales letter and some traffic, you can tweak it.

Just like a little kid on a swing keeps tweaking his legs until he’s got the MAXIMUM oscillations.

Setting up a sales page and tweaking it until you’ve got MAXIMUM conversations is basically the same process.

Learn How:



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