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They say that we’ve got to see an advertising message about six times before we take action.

This is a pretty old statistic based on old advertising techniques.

Billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads, etc.

Things that pop up and only exist in our peripheral attention.

For example, you’re sitting and watching TV, and an ad pops on.

You don’t pay attention to the ad very much.

So we watch ads passively like we watch most TV.

There are a lot of variables that determine how well a TV ad slips into your brain.

What kind of a day you are having.

The interest (or lack) you have on the TV show.

Wether you are putting off doing something (like the dishes) or are finished for the day.

Reading long sales pages are something else entirely.

The longer people read, the more their interest is held.

And if you have a well written sales page, based on slippery slope technology, they’ll get more and more interested.

Especially when you apply fractionation.

Fractionation is a very misunderstood concept.

People think it’s a quick and easy “trick” to use to seduce women.

But it’s a type of covert hypnosis.

It can only be used WITHIN covert hypnosis.

It’s not something that can be used on it’s own.

Unless you are conversationally fluent in covert hypnosis, you can’t use fractionation.

It’s kind of like an advanced photoshop technique.

Until you learn the basics of photoshop, you can’t learn any advanced photoshop techniques.

So, what IS fractionation?

It’s when you slip the reader (or listener) in and out of hypnosis.

In a conversation or on a slippery slope.

Every time they slide BACK INTO hypnosis, it will be much deeper.

This is essentially the process of fractionation.

Slowly pulling them OUT and slowly putting them BACK IN to a comfortable and pleasant state of hypnosis.

Being able to do this conversationally takes a LOT of practice.

But you can also do it through text.

It requires a fairly long, slippery slope sales letter.

But so long as they keep sliding DOWN that sales letter, if they are also sliding IN and OUT of hypnosis, you can use fractionation.

So by the time they get to the END of the sales letter, it will FEEL LIKE they have been EXPOSED to the product several times.

Many guys do this with girls and seduction without really knowing they are using fractionation.

Meet her in one part of the bar.

Take her to another part.

Take her to another bar.

Take her out for waffles.

Done correctly, it will FEEL LIKE 4-5 dates, but in ONE NIGHT.

And after four or five dates, or four or five exposures to the product, THAT is when the ACTION happens.

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