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The Paradox Of Learning


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There is a lot of mythology built into any kind of self help idea.

And that’s because we ourselves have a lot of inner conflicts.

It’s very normal for us humans to believe two things on two different levels.

Especially any beliefs that might cause us any ego damage.

We keep our REAL beliefs deep below the surface.

And our fake beliefs up close to our consciousness.

Our real beliefs are what drive our LONG TERM actions.

These deep, real beliefs are the ones that sabotage us.

It’s similar in structure to a guy who has very good “short term game” but not such a great personality.

Since he’s got fantastic short term game, he can do pretty well with the ladies.

But after a month or two, when he runs out of “techniques” his real personality will start to show.

That’s when the relationship crumbles.

It’s the same for girls.

Once you get past the surface level beauty, and down into her real personality, things can fall apart.

For beliefs, we can try really hard on a conscious level, and have some success.

But then our deep REAL beliefs will mess us up.

One of the ways this surface structure belief works in self help is any idea that learning is quick and easy.

This lets us believe that if we read a book, or attend a seminar, or accept any idea, it’s going to actually change our behavior.

In the realm of self-help, it this seems very much true.

But in other areas, this same idea would be extremely silly.

Nobody thinks that by watching a bunch of videos on playing the piano would make you a fantastic piano player.

Nobody thinks that by reading a book on martial arts would make you an exceptional martial artist.

Both of these require lots of practice.

The harsh truth about any self development is it’s EXACTLY the same.

Most anything worth doing will require a lot of practice.

It’s kind of like the old saying about genius.

1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

For most things that will get you the stuff you want, it’s the more or less the same ratio.

A little bit of learning, and a LOT of practice.

The question becomes what to practice.

Because if you spend a lot of time practicing the wrong thing, you’ll end up with a skill nobody wants.

Which is why you should practice something that will give you a skill MANY people not only want, but will pay you a lot of money for.

What skill is this?

Being persuasive, both in writing and conversationally.

The ideas are fairly simple.

The practice is where it’s at.

Learn How:



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