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Why Actors Sell Cars


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One of the most powerful forces of persuasion is authority.

The Milgram experiment showed this.

A guy in a white coat pretended to be an authority figure.

And ONLY on his say-so, people would shock some poor guy.

Even to the point where the guy was BEGGING for the pain to stop.

The pain and the shocks were fake.

The study was a set up.

What they really wanted to see was how high of a shock somebody would give a stranger ONLY because the authority said so.

The shocks were fake, but the person giving them didn’t know it.

Nearly 70% of people gave shocks ONLY because the authority said so.

Before they did the study, they figured only a small percentage would give them.

The results horrified EVERYBODY.

The uncomfortable truth about us humans is that when an authority speaks, we pretty much turn off our brains.

We do what they say.

We believe what they say.

Mostly without even the slightest question.

This leads to some VERY uncomfortable truths.

One of them is that for many of us, the ONLY REASON we believe what we believe is because some authority figure said so.

(It HAS to be true! The guy on TV said so!)

On the other hand, if you can LEVERAGE authority, you can convince anybody to do pretty much anything.

This is why famous actors do car commercials and other goofy ads.

Simply by seeing the famous actor, people buy WAY MORE STUFF.

It turns out the REASON they are an authority is irrelevant.

Only that they ARE an authority.

Which is famous actors, singers and athletes can get away with talking about stuff they really don’t much about.

Another POWERFUL idea in persuasion is Dale Carnegie’s golden rule.

Which says you can get ANYBODY to do ANYTHING (or believe anything) so long as they think it was THEIR idea.

Turns out there is a very clever way to combine these two laws.


If you KNOW the pain that your customer or target is feeling, you can create the idea that YOU are an authority.

If you can accurately describe the pain they are going through, even if it’s very slight pain, they will start to think YOU are an authority.

And because it will feel like THEIR idea, it will have a very powerful effect.

So when you recommend a SOLUTION for their pain, they’ll accept it without resistance.

This is a very powerful technique in copywriting.

One you can use in many, many areas.

Combined with some hypnotic techniques, it can be your own secret weapon.

Learn How:


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