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A lot of efficiencies are built into our mind-body systems.

The more you do something, the more efficient you get.

This is built into our sensory systems.

If you keep perceiving the same things, you’ll get much more efficient.

Meaning you brain will naturally learn to perceive MORE information with LESS energy.

A good example is chess players vs. non-chess players.

If you take a NON chess player, and show them a chess board configuration, they’ll only remember a certain amount of data.

The types of pieces, where they are, etc.

But if you take an experienced chess player, they’ll look at the same board, and in LESS time, remember MORE information.

BUT with a very important caveat.

If the chess board is set up as if an actual game were in process, the chess player would remember it EXACTLY the way it is.

Because their brains have learned to see STRUCTURES.

They’ll immediately see which pieces are threatening other pieces.

Which pieces have been taken.

They can even recognize the actual game, if it is a famous one.

But here’s the kicker.

If the chess board is arranged completely randomly, so it’s NOT set up as if it were mid-game, but with the pieces truly scattered randomly around the board, the chess player won’t be able to remember ANY MORE than a non-chess player.

Our brains, then, only become more EFFICIENT with respect to specific structures.

So the more you learn and practice any particular structure, the BETTER your brain will get at using that structure.

The more you practice, the more efficient your brain will be.

You’ll see and use MORE with LESS brain energy.

So, what structures should you study?

Becoming a chess master would be kinda cool.

But in reality, there’s not a lot of money in chess.

And if you’ve ever been to a chess tournament, they aren’t exactly known for their after-parties, if you catch my drift.

And chess skills can really ONLY be applied to chess.

How about another common structure, that you can apply ANYWHERE?

What structure is that?

Language, of course.

The more you CONSCIOUSLY learn and PRACTICE the specific structures of language, the more effectively you can use it.

And the more effectively you can recognize it.

Meaning you can USE language to implant any ideas in anybody’s brain you want.

And you can RECOGNIZE language to SEE all the ideas people THINK they are hiding.

This is about as close to a REAL super power that you can develop.

Learn More:


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